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Asbury Discovery Center, Hattiesburg, MS Zoo, Mississipi.

"Engaging educational and events center for the Tortoise Exhibit of this children’s zoo"

Design : “Because We Can


Some more hats I finished before the Steampunk Festival. 

From top to bottom:

The Duchess’ Riding Hat
The Machinist
Green with Envy

More photos from the Steampunk Festival in Gävle, Swecon 2014.

We were there at the market selling hats and various other accessories and out tables were definitely in the coolest place I have ever sold in. Right in between two lovely trains in the Museeum! Were were far back, and sort of hidden from view but we still had a lot of customers coming by - even before we had finished unpacking.

My boyfriend and I as steamy Pirates on the last day of the Steampunk Festival in Gävle (Swecon2014). 

We are wearing so much stuff that doing an outfit rundown for both of us would probably take forever to write. ;) 

I am wearing a skirt by Clara Maeda, socks by Ergi by Piratessan, a hat I made myself (Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium) and my new favorite cardigan from Lindex (of all places!)

On the night of the very grand and very lovely Steampunkfestival Ball! 

My ballgown in all its finished glory. The bodice turned out to be much too big for little me, but it still looked good!

Taken at Steampunkfestivalen / Swecon 2014
Sveriges Järnvägsmuseum, Gävle

Lily Elsie 

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Soon we will be on our way to the Steampunk Festival in Gävle with about 140-ish things to sell! Lots of hats, hair clips, bowties, cravats and more! Come find us in Hall 2 on Saturday and Sunday, even if it is just to say hello. :)